Nursing & Midwifery

Developed to support the UK’s leading nursing and midwifery education programmes, Myprogress is a mobile assessment app designed to work offline and support students in logging clinical skills and obtaining sign-off in busy clinical settings.

Support for Mentors

Smart workflows within the app let you get feedback or sign off from mentors instantly. Make it easier with speech-to-text or video feedback and remove the need for staff to login - just hand them the device to get started.

In-Built E-Portfolio

The mobile app comes complete with an online portfolio where students can reflect on their progress, and assessments taken in the app are automatically mapped against the learning framework alongside other rich evidence.

Visualise & Track Progress

Provide students with complete visibility of their progress against the learning framework and enable staff to monitor student progress as well as rapidly identify students at risk of failure, facilitating early intervention.

Your Own PAD

Load your own practice assessments, checklists or portfolio templates into Myprogress, or use our simple authoring tool to copy your paper forms and enrich them with digital capabilities such as video or speech-to-text feedback.

Increase Engagement

Provide staff with their very own Myprogress portal through which they can communicate directly with students whilst they are on placement, provide additional feedback and have real-time visibility of student progress.

Improve the Student Experience

Students receive full support whilst they are on clinical practice through Myprogress with authentic and quality feedback on their progress and performance without having to wait for a face to face meeting.

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