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Working with hundreds of organisations and thousands of learners across the world,
Myprogress takes workplace-based learning to the next level. 

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for workplace-based assessment & learning.

Market Leading

Healthcare Education ePortfolio

An award winning ePortfolio and mobile app for practice-based assessment. Myprogress is a market-leading digital portfolio with built-in mobile app designed for offline assessment and feedback in a wide range of practice environments.

With an international customer base in medicine, nursing, midwifery, allied health and veterinary practice, Myprogress offers unrivalled expertise in practice-based learning and assessment technology.

Provide Feedback in the Moment

Provide quality, in the moment feedback, identify areas for improvement and facilitate early intervention by providing timely support. 

Realtime Progress & Performance Tracking

Enable learners and educators in practice and on campus to remotely see student progress and performance in real-time. 

Offline, Workplace-Based Assessment

No need for WiFi connection.  Carry out workplace-based assessments anytime, anywhere without interrupting the quality of the assessment. 

Support Assessors & Supervisors

Enable assessors, supervisors and learners to communicate through Myprogress as well as record and track additional activities such as meeting records, learner inductions, registrations and more.

Work Offline

Mobile Assessment Anytime, Anywhere

Myprogress comes complete with an offline mobile
app enabling learners and practice
assessors to conduct assessments, anytime,
anywhere, with, our without mobile signal or Wi-Fi.

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