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How Curtin Medical School Use Myprogress to Support Direct Observational Assessments

In our interview with Sandra Kemp, the Director of Learning and Teaching at Curtin Medical School, we talk about how Myprogress is used to enhance the students day-to-day learning experience.


How will Curtin Medical School use technology and innovation to support student learning in clinical settings?

Curtin Medical School students in the MBBS course (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) learn about medicine in diverse clinical settings - in urban, outer metropolitan, rural and remote locations in Western Australia. The observational assessment capability of Myprogress is of enormous importance to medical school staff and students. For example, clinician educators are able to observe students developing their clinical skills and provide immediate feedback, and students can act on this feedback as they learn to become doctors. 


Why did the school choose Myprogress as a digital tool?

We wished to adopt technology that was adaptive and flexible in use, supporting a wide range of teaching, learning and assessment activities both for now and the future. The functionality and design of Myprogress met the specifications and quality standards the medical school was looking for when making a decision about an ePortfolio tool.


As a new medical school, how do you foresee the school using and benefiting from Myprogress?

Right now we are in an exciting phase with the first cohort of medical students graduating in only a few years, and our students are benefiting from the latest technology to support their learning. Myprogress is an essential component of students' everyday activities in both classroom learning and clinical setting learning, regardless of student location. Academic staff also benefit from immediate access to student learning data in the Myprogress system - resulting in effective and timely support of learning for each individual student. 


Do you have any tips or best practices for a digital and mobile tool, such as Myprogress?

Planning early is crucial to successful implementation. We are using Myprogress as an ePortfolio so integration into the curriculum is vital to ensure ongoing success, which requires early planning. Understanding use of the digital tool from the student standpoint is very important to build engagement and should always be an important aspect of that planning.


About Curtin University Medical School

Curtin University announced back in 2009 that they would be aiming to open a medical school to help address the health and workforce needs of West Australians. In 2017, the medical school welcomed their first cohort of students. Myprogress was implemented in 2017 with the introduction of Curtin's Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) course to support students on rural and remote placement - especially in outer suburban locations where there is a shortage of doctors. With the Myprogress ePortfolio and assessment tool, clinician educators can observe students, and provide instant feedback and ongoing support to students in diverse clinical settings, where it can be difficult to get online.


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