Workplace-Based Assessment

Developed for workplace-based assessment, Myprogress is a mobile assessment app built to work offline and designed to assess an individual's competencies, qualification and experience in workplace settings.

Designed for the Workplace

The app doesn't require a WiFi connection and is designed to capture assessments in all workplace settings. Make it easier for assessors and remove the need for them to login - just hand them the device to get started.

Ensure Compliance

Easily record and track individual assessments completed, and have complete insight into staff or trainee competencies, qualifications and experience directly in the Myprogress portal.

In-Built ePortfolio

The mobile app comes complete with a digital portfolio where users can view feedback, and assessments taken in the app are automatically mapped against competencies and their skills framework alongside other evidence.

Visualise & Track Progress

Trainees and staff have a complete view of their progress against competencies and the wider framework, whilst mentors can provide additional feedback on top of assessments directly in the Myprogress portal.

Your Own Assessments

Load your own assessments, checklists or eportfolio templates into Myprogress, or use our simple authoring tool to copy your paper forms and enrich them with digital capabilities such as video or speech-to-text feedback.

Enable Life-Long Learning

Trainees have their own Myprogress digital portfolio where they can review their progress throughout their full training experience. After training has ended, they can take their eportfolio away with them to support life-long learning.