Myprogress makes it easy to provide better assessments and feedback to veterinary students and trainees on land-based courses, even when they are studying on placements a long way from the faculty.

Diane Cashman, School of Veterinary Medicine, University College Dublin, says:

We have found Myprogress to be a very user-friendly system for students, staff, EMS supervisors and administrators. We're able to design and deploy a range of electronic workplace assessment forms for extramural studies that students can complete on or offline, depending on their internet access.

By digitizing feedback staff can now explore opportunities to oversee student process and development through assessment analytics; this would have been cumbersome to achieve in our previous paper based system. Myprogress and provide multiple opportunities for the assessment of professional and clinical skills to be assessed throughout our Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Nursing programmes. We've always received extremely timely and personable support, particularly during the early setup and implementation days.


Veterinary and land-based students frequently study in locations where it's hard to get online. Myprogress works offline, and all of your data is synced to the secure server when you have a signal.


If you know who will be on hand to observe and sign off skills in advance, you can give them their own Myprogress account to sign off and monitor trainees. If you don’t, you can use one of our smart sign-off workflows.


Load in your own coaching assessment documents, checklists and other forms. Copy your paper forms and enrich them with video, audio and photo capture – it’s so quick and easy to set up!


If students are in remote locations, it can be difficult to pick up on problems and provide timely feedback. Myprogress lets you cut down on travel, but still support students when they are away from the institution.


Myprogress allows you to develop a personalized student ePortfolio that can be scaled to assess a range of professional and clinical competencies, capturing a range of student learning experiences, direct and indirect supervisor feedback.


Trainees have their own web space to review and reflect on progress over their whole course. And at the end of the course, a stunning personal showcasing add on lets them take it away.

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