Teacher Education & Training

Developed to support trainee teachers on school placement, Myprogress is an offline mobile assessment app designed to record skills and log evidence against teaching standards as well as record observational assessments of teaching practice without interrupting the flow of the lesson.

Support School-Based Mentors

With support for school-based mentors and academic review, Myprogress allows staff to communicate and easily provide feedback to trainees in practice, speeding up feedback whilst cutting down on costly visit time.

In-Built ePortfolio

The mobile app comes complete with a digital portfolio where trainee teachers can visualise their progress against the teaching standards, reflect on their performance and review feedback.

Use Competency Frameworks

Add in local or national competencies such as the Teachers' Standards and map your assessments automatically to these frameworks within Myprogress.

Observations in the Classroom

Myprogress incorporates observational assessments in the classroom. It's all run on the Myprogress mobile app and works completely offline so you don't need to worry about a lack of WiFi connectivity disrupting the observation.

Improve Trainee Experience

By receiving feedback in a timely way, trainees feel fully supported and can quickly and easily put in place improved pedagogy strategies, lesson planning and classroom management.

Enhance School-Based Training

As Myprogress works on mobile, it supports school-based trainees who can't easily access centralised systems. They can see their progress and feedback on the app, anywhere, as well as communicate with mentors.