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University of Wolverhampton launch the Myprogress ePAD & eMORA for Nursing & Midwifery students.

The University of Wolverhampton has launched the Myprogress electronic practice assessment document (ePAD) and the electronic Midwifery Ongoing Record of Achievement (eMORA) within the Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing to support nursing and midwifery students. The Myprogress ePAD and eMORA has been introduced to gradually replace the Universities existing paper-based process. Ultimately transforming the practice learning experience for their nursing and midwifery students.

Founded upon award winning practice-based assessment platform, Myprogress, the ePAD for nursing students and eMORA for midwifery students, has been designed to transform the practice learning experiences for students. The ePAD and eMORA makes it easier for students, practice, and academic staff to document, assess and feedback on a students’ practice learning and development in real time.


The move to an electronic practice assessment document will provide significant gains for students, academic staff and practice partners. The ability to monitor progress and achievement in real-time will enhance productivity, save time and provide a more integrated learning experience for our students on placement”

- Dr Sharon Arkell, Director of the Institute of Health.


About the University of Wolverhampton

Founded over 150 years ago, the University of Wolverhampton is an institution with history of enhancing the education and skill base of the workforce in the region. The university is an integral part of economic growth and social change within the West Midlands and beyond.

One of three University faculties, the Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing covers four campuses and is home to over 500 staff members and 11,000 students. The faculty delivers a wide range of courses for nursing, midwifery, and allied health subjects.

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